Why is Fiber Optic Internet So Much Faster than Cable and DSL?

October 2, 2017

Gigabit Inernet

If you’re on the SilverIP web site, you likely know that we provide high speed, fiber optic internet service. Our fast internet service is available at speeds up to one gigabit, which is quite a bit faster than cable, DSL, T1 and other types of internet connections. Fiber optic internet service still requires cable running into your home or business and a modem, so how does it provide such fast speeds?

Fiber Cable

While the cable we use for your ultra-fast internet connection may not look much different than other types of internet cable, it’s what is inside that makes the difference. Traditional copper wires used for cable and DSL internet were originally created to only transmit voice, so they’e capable of transmitting data as fast as fiber cable. Fire optic cable consists of small glass cable, which can transmit more data faster than copper wires.

This is one area where not all fiber optic internet providers are the same. The quality of the fiber cable can effect the speed of your internet. SilverIP only uses the industry’s best fiber optic cable for our service.

Less Interference

Because the fiber optic cable is made of glass, it does not conduct electricity. This makes it less susceptible to electric or radio interference. The result is a consistently fast connection.

More Dependable

Although fiber cable is small, it is strong and more resistant than copper cable. Copper cable is soft and conducts heat, so it can be damaged more easily. The strength of fiber cable helps to provide a consistently fast connection over a long period of time.

Modem & Hardware

The modem that you use to connect your fiber service can have a great impact on your speed. SilverIP’s experienced support team can provide you with the best options for modems and other hardware to ensure that your’e getting the best possible performance out of your new high speed internet connection.

Have a question about fiber optic or gigabit internet? Feel free to email us at help@silverip.com or call 312.600.3800.

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