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Gigabit Internet is the fastest Internet connection available today. It allows you to upload and download content from the web much faster than cable, DSL or T1 connections. SilverIP’s gigabit Internet service also provides symmetric upload and download speeds, which means you can upload and download files at the same speed.

When you choose SilverIP you can expect fast installation, ongoing concierge support and a consistently fast connection.

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Gigabit Internet Devices

Direct peering keeps
all your devices happy

SilverIP has special arrangements with Netflix, Amazon and many other popular streaming services. This means that, as a SilverIP customer, you get priority access to their content.

It’s like your own personal VIP pass to your favorite online entertainment.

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When speed matters

Gigabit Internet is many times faster than cable, T1 or DSL connections. SilverIP’s gigabit Internet service is the perfect solution for business owners who need to stay connected with clients and partners. It is for property managers who want to offer residents a best-in-class amenity. It is for homeowners and high rise residents who value quality, speed and exceptional service.

Internet Privacy

Your privacy is safe with SilverIP.

We do not monitor your browsing
and will not sell your information.

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