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Your friend can live in your building or another multi-family residential property with twenty or more units.

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“This is the best ISP in Chicago, if not one of the best in the United States. Period. It's by far the fastest, no bull, Internet access provider I've ever used in the the 20 years I've been on the Internet.”

- Andrew S., Chicago

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

No Hidden Fees or Taxes

Plans starting at$35 per

Packages available up to1000 mbps

Enjoy even lower prices with a bulk contract.
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Internet Privacy

Your privacy is safe with SilverIP.

We do not monitor your browsing.
We will not sell your information.

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Gigabit Internet Devices

Direct peering keeps
all your devices happy

SilverIP has special arrangements with Netflix, Amazon and many other popular streaming services. This means that, as a SilverIP customer, you get priority access to their content.

It’s like your own personal VIP pass to your favorite online entertainment.

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