Fast Internet

For Gallery 400 Residents

We are happy to announce that Gallery 400 has extended the Internet and TV services with SilverIP.  There are some updates to the services that we want everyone to be aware of.

  • The internet speed provided to all units included in the HOA is increasing from 100 Mbps to 500 Mbps.
  • DirecTV will no longer be provided in the HOA. Rather, the new TV service that will be included in the HOA is an online streaming TV service (IPTV) called Real Choice TV, to be serviced by SilverIP.  Even though DirecTV will no longer be provided as part of the HOA, those who wish to continue subscribing to DirecTV will still have the option to do so at regular retail rates.
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When will the Internet speed be increased?

Do I have to upgrade my current router to get the faster speeds?

What is Real Choice TV?

What is the Real Choice TV channel lineup included in our HOA?

Can I demo Real Choice TV?

Do I need to have a Roku device?

How many devices can I use Real Choice TV on?

Is there a way to get additional free channels?

What is happening with my DirecTV service?

I wish to discontinue my DirecTV service. What should I do?

I wish to continue subscribing to DirecTV at regular retail rates. What should I do?

Who do I contact if I have questions?

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